When the money’s good but the work isn’t

Hi all – I’ve got a project that started out fine; it’s a really interesting app I’ve developed for an museum and it pays a fair day rate. However the full time team are really poorly structured/managed and now that the app is built they keep getting me to making changes in a really inefficient manner – mostly really monotonous language changes. They’re not interested in agile/kanban or any productivity tools or processes at all – just emails and spreadsheets. Thing is, they pay me for all their changes, yet I find myself fed up with them – like it frustrates me how inefficient it all is and makes me want to consult them on proper project management.

But I catch myself and think you should be happy to do the changes and just take the extra money because they’re not being jerks about it, just a bit naive. Can anyone relate to this pain? Should I just do the boring work and shut up or is it fair to feel frustrated and wanting it to be a better run project even if it costs me financially (but is better mentally)?

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