Where do I put the configuration file for http redirect? (Using AWS)


At this link, it says to use a configuration file found on Github to configure the http -> https redirect.

**^(Configure instance web servers)** ^(– This method works on any web server environment. Configure web servers on your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2 instances to respond to HTTP traffic with an HTTP redirection response status. This configuration depends on your environment’s platform. Find the folder for your platform in the)) [^(https-redirect)](https://github.com/awsdocs/elastic-beanstalk-samples/tree/master/configuration-files/aws-provided/security-configuration/https-redirect) ^(collection on GitHub, and use the example configuration file in that folder.)
^(If your environment uses) [^(Elastic Load Balancing health checks)](https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/using-features.healthstatus.html#using-features.healthstatus.understanding)^(, the load balancer expects a healthy instance to respond to the HTTP health check messages with HTTP 200 (OK responses. Therefore, your web server shouldn’t redirect these messages to HTTPS. The example configuration files in)) [^(https-redirect)](https://github.com/awsdocs/elastic-beanstalk-samples/tree/master/configuration-files/aws-provided/security-configuration/https-redirect) ^(handle this requirement correctly.)

My question is, where do I actually put the configuration file. Where do I go in the AWS GUI to add this file to make this http redirect work?

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