Why Retargeting Is Not The Solution: Understanding Your Audience’s Behavior

We need to know three things to start.

The first is, that every ad ever shown to anyone is a Retargeting impression, based on that user’s consumer behavior and activity online.

The second is, that even a broader audience is consistently retargeting users with multiple messages to get them to take the Action York Optimizing towards

The third is, retargeting efforts are not only by their nature not scalable, but they also add cost because the audience is smaller and because you’re prioritizing the delivery of ads to people who have already given a signal that they are less interested potentially than somebody else

We have to remember that the majority of people in a retargeting audience have already made the decision that they are not interested.

If you do not respect when somebody says no, that creates a negative experience in the real world, and with your Facebook ads

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