Will youtube ads work for low ticket physical products like apparels ?

I am confused if youtube ads can work for selling tshirts. They are in the range $10-$15. What I understand is that youtube ads can work great for services where you are telling about features of any service you are offering and a customer might be learning about that service on youtube. eg – like if somebody is searching about agfiliate marketing, or doing some coding tutorials then you can target them with your own same service.These services require customer to gain knowledge about something .
But would somebody buy a tshirt if they see a youtube ad for it. It is not like people go on youtube searching baout tshirt. So my question is should i run sale campaign for tshirts through you tube. I understand that youtube would be good for brand awareness or consideration. But do people click your cta because that would disrupt their viewing. Can somebody tell me about this.

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