WordPress multisites – are they resource hogs or have i done something wrong?

I’ve been developing and hosting pretty basic WordPress websites for about 3 years now. They’re mostly hosted on a VPS.

I recently started a new project that requires a multisite, I bought a new VPS so that it wouldn’t interfere with the other websites. I have no previous experience with multisite development, but enough WordPress experience to understand the set up requirements, including the necessary wp-config edits.

The VPS specs are:

* **Single 2.50GHz** Core
* **2 GB ECC** RAM
* **50 GB** SSD Space
* **2 TB** Bandwidth
* **cPanel/WHM/Softaculous**
* **2000 Mbps Network Out**

I’ve only just started development, and getting constant database connection errors. It looks like resource consumption is the culprit.

Hosting support are telling me that the VPS doesn’t have the resources to support even basic websites (??), and i should upgrade.

This sounds pretty BS to me, as a few years ago, I was using the exact same spec server with the same host to host around 10 basic websites with no issues.

What do you think? is the hosting company full of it? or have I got a config error with my multisite? or do WordPress multisites really chew up way more resources than standard websites?

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