Would a VPS really benefit my site – and how to afford the leap for managed?

Two basic questions:
1) Will upgrading to a vps be worth it for my site over a shared server? The primary goal would be for better loading times and performance for content delivery (jpg, mp3, mp4, pdf).
2) The relatively affordable managed vps intro prices ($30/mo) renew at $90/mo after 3 years with Inmotion Hosting (and I presume other hosts as well). Anyone hop between hosts every 3 years to benefit from the intro pricing to keep costs doable?

Thanks for your thoughts.

* On a shared server with Webhostinghub for the past 10 years.

* vps with inmotion hosting: 8GB ram, 4 cores and NVMe

Are there any metrics to help compare or weigh the real world benefits of a vps?

Some other details:
* I am tech savy but not with Linux and so I’m not ready to commit the time to an unmanaged server.
* My site is 99% custom code (my own) – PHP / Javascript / HTML.

Usage Stats from cPanel
* CPU: average: under 100MB (10-20%)
* Bandwidth: 3 GB / day (some days were 10 GB)
* Disk Storage: 100GB
* IO Usage: Spikes around 200 KB/s – occasional faults (6 today)
* Entry Processes (max 4)
* Unique Visitors: 700 / day
* Hits: 30,000 / day

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