Would it be unethical if I ask the client to pay the remaining percentage of invoice if they rejected my work and don’t want me to revise it?

So I reached out to a client and they were representing a company and asked me to write a blog for them. I have 4+ years of experience and a hefty portfolio to showcase.

They said they love the work and would like to give it a shot. Paid me 50% upfront and I completed the task on time. They responded a day later saying this is not what they were looking for and won’t be using my article.

I understand sometimes your client just won’t like your work and it’s okay. I calmly responded and was satisfied with their response. But I was wondering if I should ask them to pay the remaining percentage or not.

I previously did test work for some agency and even though the tone of the article was not up to their standards, they still paid me what was decided upon. So I’m nervous if I should request that or not.

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