Would this tool be valuable for your marketing?

Hey everyone – I am in the early stages of developing a digital marketing insights platform and would love some feedback on whether or not this tool would be valuable to this community.

The objective of the tool is to help advertisers answer the question “what’s working within my industry now?” while creating a high quality community of marketers to ask questions and share ideas.

Members would opt-in to giving read access to their digital marketing performance data (automated via API plugins). Within the community you can see top performing creative based on different KPI, verticals and ad platforms (more filtering available too). Additionally, you would get benchmarks for different KPIs and how you’re performing relative to the community, as well as platform performance insights such as top performing ad units, placements and optimizations. There would also be a message board for the community where members can ask questions, share insights and expertise with each other.

Does this sound like something that is valuable? If anyone is interested I have some rough product mocks I can share for additional feedback.

Much appreciated!

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