WPEngine and high volume of Cloudflare errors

Wondered if anyone else has recently had issues with WPEngine hosting?

We’re troubleshooting the launch of our new site and continue to encounter 521 Cloudflare errors far too frequently, but every bug we’ve identified and patched with our new setup hasn’t resolved the problems.

Starting to wonder if this is a problem with the webhost themselves and not the new site we just built.

Anybody else experiencing similar issues?

(Any recommendations on a web hosting alternative for WordPress I don’t have to actively manage?)

Thanks fellow web nerds!

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our recommended web hosting companies


website link: namecheap.pxf.io/Alaaeldin.medium


website link: https://hostinger.sjv.io/Jr95Qr

InMotion hosting

website link: partners.inmotionhosting.com/XxJ0Jg


website link: hubspot.sjv.io/DV2O35

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